The Power of Dance

February 01, 2017 [Sarina Jain]

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I grew up with the culture of both Bollywood and Bhangra dance, as my father had always stressed the importance of holding onto our Indian heritage. His passing away was an eye opener for me, and it catalyzed the birth of my company, Masala Bhangra.

There was definitely some hesitation in starting my company. I remember coming up with the concept and being so excited for the entire world to experience this new type of workout. I remember being afraid as to how to make it all come together. Where would I find the money to fund this idea? We were in such a vulnerable position at the time, as my Dad had just recently passed, and money was tight. I was incredibly lucky to have my mom's support throughout the entire process. She did not know the exact details of what I was doing, but she certainly trusted me enough to help me put out my first workout video.

The release of my first video in 2000 led to a snowball effect; I was overwhelmed by the positive response I received. Many communities wanted classes in their area, and soon I was looking to further brand my company. I had no idea one day that I would be celebrating 17 years of this concept! What blows me away is how through Masala Bhangra, I was able to heal myself from the loss of my dad, and I was able to share this healing power with others. I had no idea how much I had to heal, but over the years, this has certainly played a big role in my life. It has shaped who I am today.

Initially, I wasn't sure if Masala Bhangra would get picked up or not, and I really had to fight for my place in this industry. I just wanted to share my love of dance, and simultaneously help people live healthier lifestyles. Now, I can undoubtedly say that it has been beyond rewarding to watch dance become a staple part of peoples' lives. Masala Bhangra started out as a workout, but I have watched it evolve into a lifestyle with an emphasis on joy, community, and celebration.

I am still intrigued by how powerful dance is. Dance is almost a sort of meditation; you have to pay attention to the instructions and the beat, coordinate your mind and body, being careful to cleanly execute the moves. Not only does dance give people a chance to burn 800 calories, but allows them an opportunity to put away their phones, focus solely on fun choreography, and recharge. I dare you--regardless of any concerns you may have--to step out of your comfort zone, find your rhythm, and start dancing. It is more healing than you think! Give it a shot! You only have one life to live and so start living now!

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