Bhangra In The Plaza - New York City Oct, 7

In a bustling city, find community and move to the beat of the dhol with Bhangra In The Plaza. Watch and learn choreography that celebrates contemporary Indian music and dance.
Boulevard Canada
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7th Oct - 28th Oct, 2021

7th Oct, 2021 - 28th Oct, 2021

Wanderfest Mar, 12

I will be speaking at this event and I can't wait to see you, meet you and rock Masala Bhangra with you! Come get inspired with my story and many other rocking women! Use my code: sarina15 to get 15% off your ticket! Then email me at to let me know you are coming!
New Orleans United States
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12th Mar - 13th Mar, 2022

12th Mar, 2022 - 13th Mar, 2022