No Excuses

January 01, 2017 [Sarina Jain]

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Throughout my twenty five years of intense training as a fitness instructor, it was always clear to me that I wanted a family. Today our daughter, Sahana Jain, is two months old, and it's crazy to think about how the lifestyle I was so accustomed to has changed so rapidly. My everyday routine consists of the expected diaper changes, feeding, and naps--yet I love every minute of being a mom and spending time with my daughter.

My doctor had recently given me the "okay" to start working out again; I also personally felt capable of bouncing back into some basic exercises. I was excited, as fitness constitutes my livelihood and gives me a thrill which I had missed--it was the first lengthy period of time for which I had stopped exercising in twenty five years! My first instinct was to work out while the baby was sleeping, but for one reason or another, that did not happen. It was shocking to see how quickly my mind gravitated towards postponing starting up, and how difficult it was to prioritize health when there were so many new factors introduced into my life. Ultimately I decided to incorporate the baby into my exercise: being around ten pounds, I carefully clutched her to my chest, and did two sets of ten squats. This was a breakthrough moment for me because it made me realize that it is very possible, even as a new mom, to start getting back into shape. Instead of making excuses, you just have to get up and do it!

I taught classes throughout my pregnancy, and did some weight training and cardio as well. There was a point where I was beginning to get tired sooner, so I did as much as I could. My experience with exercising during pregnancy inspired me to create "Bollywood Baby," which focuses on cardio, and "Bar Bhangra Baby," which focuses on weights. If you're pregnant, try using these to keep in shape.

With that being said, I wish all of you the best for the new year!

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