Masala Bhangra : For Kids! (DVD)


Masala Bhangra : For Kids! (DVD)


Sarina Jain is back with the Masala Bhangra Workout Volume V: For Kids! (40 mins), which is designed to be fun and invigorating, but also has a more serious purpose in mind. "My mission is to inspire kids to stay physically and mentally active on a daily basis, grow healthy and teach them a little bit of my culture at the same time," Jain says. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the percentage of children and adolescents who are defined as overweight has more than doubled since the early 1970s, with about 15 percent of them now seriously overweight. Masala Bhangra Workout was first created in 1999.


Athul Prashar, composer/singer/multi-instrumentalist. After performing with the acclaimed ‘Mission:Play’ R&B Group, Athul released his first solo self-produced album ‘Come Alive’ in 1998. It has been an upward spiral since. Currently based in New York City, Athul has composed music for over 20 Films and TV commercials. Due to his multicultural identity, many artists from the 'Big 5' Record Labels have tapped his shoulder to produce ‘ethnic inspired’ tracks as well. Athul has also composed music for 2 movies directed by the widely acclaimed Chopra family of Bollywood. Visit to hear his sound.


Senior MAC Makeup artist Luc Bouchard has been doing make up for 10+ years. He has worked on the international fashion collections in New York, Paris and Milan. His work has been featured in many popular magazines and newspapers.

Fashion & Set Design

Shot in a NY studio with flashing lights, and a simple kid-friendly set up, infectious bhangra beats set the mood and will surely leave you feeling energized and invigorated!

Fitness Team

Sheila Jain, certified instructor; Teddy Fatscher (12years old), Ishani Desai (10 years old), Nick Sanhani (12 years old), TyQuasia Rippey (10 years old)


DVD is $9.95 (plus shipping and handling)

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