Total Body Conditioning Style (DVD)


Total Body Conditioning Style (DVD)


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The fourth Indian-dance-inspired fitness video, the MASALA BHANGRA WORKOUT™ VOLUME 4: TOTAL BODY CONDITIONING STYLE, is a 58 minute unique in its own style. Sarina Jain has taken Masala Bhangra to a whole new level by creating a full body strength training workout that will effectively tone and build muscle strength, and burn fat/calories. This total body conditioning workout utilizes barbells and is suitable for all fitness levels – whether you have never lifted a weight or can bench press your fridge. Masala Bhangra Workout was first created in 1999.


Athul Prashar, composer/singer/multi-instrumentalist. After performing with the acclaimed ‘Mission:Play’ R&B Group, Athul released his first solo self-produced album ‘Come Alive’ in 1998. It has been an upward spiral since. Currently based in New York City, Athul has composed music for over 20 Films and TV commercials. Due to his multicultural identity, many artists from the 'Big 5' Record Labels have tapped his shoulder to produce ‘ethnic inspired’ tracks as well. Athul has also composed music for 2 movies directed by the widely acclaimed Chopra family of Bollywood. View to hear his sound.


Senior MAC Make -Up artist Keri Blair has been doing make for 8 + years. She has worked on the international fashion collections in New York, Paris and Milan and with renowned artists like Tears for Fears, drummer Cindy Blackman and the Distillers. Her work has been featured in Details, In New York and Revolver magazines.

Fashion & Set Design

Shot in a NY Studio overlooking the city with white walls and green banana trees, infectious bhangra beats set the mood and will surely leave you feeling energized and invigorated!

Fitness Team

Fitness instructor and creator, Sarina Jain combined her knowledge of her parents native culture with 15 + years in the fitness industry to create the Masala Bhangra Workout™. She is in hot demand with the students for her classes and those across the nation for her Videos. Sarina is the first to introduce Indian to the US fitness industry and is coined as the “Indian Jane Fonda.” The rest of the team includes Christy Nanovich, aerobics instructor, Carmen De Jesus, avid follower of the Masala Bhangra Workout, Aatom Johnson, fitness student and special guest Marc Santa Maria, group exercise coordinator, actor and instructor.


The most popular of the community dances from the villages of Punjab, India, Bhangra is a folk dance celebrating the annual wheat harvest. Male dancers gather in open fields in the answer to the beat of the Bhangra drum, the dhol. As the tempo increases, the dancers begin to whirl around, beating their feet, shrugging their shoulders and clapping their hands as they immerse themselves in the spirit of the dance. Now artists have taken bhangra music and mixed it up with hip-hop.


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