Hollywood Bollywood Style (DVD)


Hollywood Bollywood Style (DVD)


In “Hollywood Bollywood” Style, Sarina and her team will transport you to a modern Bollywood movie set, inspired by the Hollywood flash and glamour of its American counterpart! You’ll be dancing like a true Bollywood star in no time!Let the music take you to a whole new level withchallengingand traditional dance moves inspiredby Indian culture with a hint of Hollywood flavor. This is a true Masala Bhangra jam – Hollywood Bollywood style! BALLE BALLE!!
*includes a music CD of The Masala Bhangra Workout® Theme Song!


Coined the "Indian Jane Fonda," international fitness star, Sarina Jain, is the creator of the original Masala Bhangra Workout® . An A.F.A.A certified fitness instructor for over 19 years, she teaches a range of classes, including step, kickboxing, cycling, total body conditioning, high/low impact aerobics, cardio salsa, and much more. Sarina has successfully created dance routines for TV commercials, cultural festivals and concerts with her knowledge and passion of Bhangra and Bollywood. You can see her on theDiscovery Channel's Fit TV, Exercisetv.tv and beYOU.tv. Sarina Jain is recognized as a global fitness icon.


Sunny Jain (www.sunnyjain.com)

Masala Bhangra Theme Song

Jasbir Jassi (www.jasbirjassi.com)


Senior makeup artist Jagdish Karey, from India, has been doing makeup for many years, making all Bollywood stars look most divine. His passion for makeup shows in his work.

Fashion & Set Design

Masala Bhangra Workout® Hollywood Bollywood style is shot on a modern Bollywood Set on one of Ekta Kapoor’s Film and TV Studios.


Our participants are all Masala Bhangra Workout® instructors – Sheila Jain, Mickela Mallozzi, Carol Tessitore, Lauren Pellettieri, and Elizabeth Fielder.


The most popular of the community dances from the villages of Punjab, India, Bhangra is a folk dance celebrating the annual wheat harvest. Male dancers gather in open fields in the answer to the beat of the Bhangra drum, the dhol. As the tempo increases, the dancers begin to whirl around, beating their feet, shrugging their shoulders and clapping their hands as they immerse themselves in the spirit of the dance. Now artists have taken bhangra music and mixed it up with hip-hop.

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