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Happy New Year Sarina!
I hope you have had a great start to the new year! I'm so excited because this year MASALA BHANGRA TURNS 23 🎉 I know, can you believe it?! (pinch me!)
With 23 years going strong empowering New York City and the world through movement and music, people often ask me, "Sarina, how do you still have so much passion and continue to bring joy to teaching after all these years?" And my answer is simple, it's because of YOU! Yes, YOU!
When people share with me how Masala Bhangra changed their life, got their body moving and dancing again after years, discovered an empowering way to reconnect with their culture, gained appreciation for a new culture, or how much more confident and stronger they feel even after class ends- THAT'S what keeps me going.
So ask yourself, in the spirit of the new year "how am I going to show up for myself?" Dancing and teaching Bhangra is how I, and for a lot of us in this amazing community show up for ourselves. For our mental health, our body, and most importantly, our spirit. And you can too. Haven't danced for a while? That's OKAY! In almost every class that I teach there are first timers, long time no seers, and people who've been coming on and off for years. But what always stays the same is the experience.
A new student who is claiming Bhangra as one of the ways she shows up for herself this year wrote to me "I am so happy I finally got to join class again today. I love starting my day with you and masala bhangra, thank you for being you and for offering us all this joy!!!" ❤️  I just recently found out that yours truly made it to Wikipedia! This was a lovely surprise. (Thank you Sue). I feel so honored and grateful to be included and/or recognized along with other women who have brought Bhangra to the forefront of different industries and into the lives of people from all around the world.
IAnd... WE HIT 100K FOLLOWERS ON INSTAGRAM! Balle!! Balle!! By no means do I consider myself an influencer. Well not in the social media, trending way. What I am is a cultural energizer. An energizer bunny. An advocate for healthy lifestyles. An international mover, shaker and speaker! In that regard, I am an influencer hoping to add more to your life.
The idea of movement will never get old. I recently saw a video from H&M's #MovementForMovement campaign featuring Jane Fonda and she said "movement is a gift". So I hope Masala Bhangra will be a part of your 2023 journey. Whether through our in personvirtual classes, or our ON DEMAND gym/workshops, we hope you will come along for the dance ride.
This is the year of the rabbit and I am always wishing you the best! XOXO, Sarina
P.S. Mark your calendars for May 20th! We would love for you to join us for this big Dance Parade in NYC!
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