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To My Masala Bhangra Community,
 I hope this newsletter finds you filled with boundless energy and excitement as we step into the sunny days ahead! It's been an incredible month, where we've brought the vibrant spirit of Masala Bhangra to the heart of New York City. As always, we remain dedicated to expanding our reach and introducing the joy of this dance form to new communities.
On Sunday, May 21st, 2023, Masala Bhangra was chosen to lead the warm-up for AIDS WALK NY! We energized Central Park with our moves, getting all participants ready to walk with purpose. It was incredible to see new faces embracing Masala Bhangra and experiencing the joy of our dance form. These moments inspire us to continue spreading the magic of Masala Bhangra far and wide.
Dance Parade NYC
What a memorable day it was on Saturday, May 20th! Thanks to everyone who danced with us and brought their infectious energy to the stage. Dancing in the rain was nostalgic and joyful, and this year, we had an amazing float to dance upon. We danced down 6th Avenue in NYC, alongside over 100 dance and fitness companies, creating a dynamic and inclusive atmosphere. Witnessing the enthusiasm and energy of the participants was truly exhilarating. We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who joined us in celebrating the beauty of Masala Bhangra. Thank you for joining us in celebrating the beauty of Masala Bhangra!
Watch the entire parade. We are at 3 hour 50 min mark.
We firmly believe in the power of Masala Bhangra to connect people and promote a sense of unity. If you are looking to inject some vibrant energy into your workplace, school, museum, cultural center, non-profit organization, or even nursing homes, we would be thrilled to bring our dance form to your community. Masala Bhangra is a versatile and inclusive art form that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds. If you have an event or community gathering that you would like to invite Masala Bhangra to, please send me an email pronto! Let's bring people together for the greater good! 
And we are still here with our classes! Virtually or In Person all summer long! Come!
Wishing you all a rhythm-filled month ahead,
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