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If you are in the US, I hope you had an amazing 4th of July.
I taught an amazing class this past weekend and the ENERGY was off the charts. Students from Belgium, Maryland, California and of course New York joined me. I am still on a high from it. You can feel what I am talking about here
One of my students, Jasmine is a student that generally attends class via Zoom. She happened to be in New York clelebrating her sister who just got married. In fact, her sister got married to a man from India and the family came to my class! It felt like a celebration indeed.  Jasmine said something to me and it stuck. She told me that she takes classes from CA via zoom and the experience translate through the screen. She was kind enough to share her experience and I thought it would benefit you as well.  
"Your Zoom classes have been such a great experience for those of us who don't live in New York City. The sound quality is great since you use a microphone that's connected to Zoom, and you are very considerate of your virtual students ("left means right," and "right means left"). Most impressive is that your amazing energy carries through on Zoom and I feel just as connected to everyone online. It's such a beautiful community no matter how you join!
I make it a point to attend your classes when I'm in NYC. I wish we had you out in California -- you are so warm, friendly, and of course, a great dancer! With my sister getting married this year (to her partner who is Indian), your class has made me more comfortable dancing to Indian music. I am so glad my sister, her partner, and her partner's brother all got to join your class too. You are so sweet in celebrating their marriage and making them feel so special.
Thank you for sharing your passion for Indian dance with the world and for making each of us feel so welcomed. With so much love and gratitude to you, Jasmine"  
 I hope this motivates you to want to come try Masala Bhangra via ZOOM. If you are able to jump up and down and make loud noise without bothering your neighbors, then come join me! Virtually or In Person or even ON DEMAND! Give it a shot!
Also, wish us luck as we are starting our Masala Bhangra performance workshop rehearsals today! 😃  
Wtih all my heart, 
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